TMT Steel Weight Chart Part-I

Reinforced steel is the most important component in the construction of buildings. Its multiple advantages in terms of strength and ductility are the sole reason for its increasing popularity and demand. Different versions of reinforced steel bars were introduced such as Mild Steel, HYSD etc. Each had their particular advantages that made it better than its predecessors. However, with the demand for more strength led to introducing stronger and better-reinforced steel bars. One such example is the TMT steel bars.

The TMT steel rebars are widely acclaimed for their excellent tensile strength and ductility ratio, both of which are extremely important for reinforcing a structure. There are different grades for TMT bars namely Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600.

The Standardization

Since the TMT steel rebars are used worldwide for constructing commercial buildings and homes, in order to use them appropriately, different countries have developed a set of standards for governing the use of reinforced bars. For eg, for Germany, all grades of steel must conform to DIN 488 standard. In the USA, the steel grades must conform to ASTM A 615 standard.

Similarly, in India, the steel grades must conform to IS 1786: 2008 standard. This standard governs the use of reinforced steels even TMT rebars in the constructions sector. According to this standard, certain specifications have to be fulfilled and should be followed during the manufacture of TMT steel. These specifications are generally the weight of the bars, the mechanical properties of the rebar and its chemical composition. Here we show the detailed chart of all these specified values.

The TMT Weight chart

The following table shows the size of each TMT steel rebar along with their respective weights as recommended by IS 1786:2008 standard. TMT steel bars are manufactured of sizes from 8mm to 32mm.



IS 1786:2008 (Kg/Mtr)

Standard Min Max
8mm 0.395 0.367 0.423
10mm 0.617 0.574 0.660
12mm 0.888 0.844 0.932
16mm 1.578 1.499 1.657
20mm 2.466 2.392 2.540
25mm 3.854 3.738 3.940
28mm 4.835 4.690 4.980
32mm 6.316 6.127 6.505

These are the values of different sizes of TMT steel bars. When choosing any grades for construction purposes, if the weight criteria do not meet the values shown in the chart, those so-called reinforced bars are not as they seem to be. Either it will be low quality reinforced steel masquerade as TMT steel or it will be fake counterparts that are promoted as high-grade original TMT steel by spurious dealers. If the weight criteria meet the specified values, then we can be sure that the reinforced TMT steel is original and high quality.

As I mentioned above that the specifications of the TMT steel rebars that need to be fulfiled are the weight charts, chemical composition and chemical properties. The other two specifications charts will be explained in Part-II of this blog. Until then stay tuned.

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