TMT bars and Rust Part 2


In this blog, we will see how a homeowner can do the simplest of things to make sure that the foundation of his/her home stays strong for technically, forever. The previous blog was about the how the strength of a TMT bar reduces drastically with corrosion.

Avoid Corrosive Agents

Prevent the corrosion of TMT Bars by minimizing contact with corrosive agents. Granted there are many, owners can make sure that TMT bars are stored inside a structure from the rain and moisture. Extra precaution should be taken to make TMT bars do not come in contact with salt water, as they can accelerate the rate of corrosion. Treating hard water with a softener which is used for washing TMT bars is also a good idea.

Monitoring TMT Surface

Check and monitor the surface of the TMT bars, especially look for cracks and crevices, as this can accelerate the corrosion process. These cracks and crevices can be a manufacturing defect or something picked during the transportation. This is a simple exercise which should be undertaken as regularly as possible.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion happens when two chemically different metals come into contact with each other in an electrolyte and one metal acts as an anode and the other as the cathode. The presence of electrolyte acts as a conduit for ion migration moving metallic ions from the anode to the cathode. This leads to the anode metal corroding more quickly while the cathode corrodes slowly a kind of corrosion from two directions. While this type of corrosion is common in gas or oil pipelines, the same effect can happen in half-constructed sites, where TMT bars are wound with other metals. The best way to protect your TMT bars from galvanic corrosion is to make sure that TMT bars with reactive metals and coating the surface with anti-corrosive paint.


Paints can be used to protect the TMT bars from corrosion. The paint forms a protective layer between the TMT bar surface and multiple corrosive agents such as water and moisture. Metallic plating too is very effective but mostly used by manufacturers, this is an industrial grade corrosion protection for your TMT bars.

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