TMT Bars and Galvanic Corrosion


The Problem

When the word corrosion pops up, we think of corrosion of metals due is to constant interaction with air (much more specifically oxygen), corrosion is the process of the metal actually becoming stable than its refined state. The corrosion we are discussing here is entirely different, galvanic corrosion occurs when 2 metal is in contact for a long duration of time. This happens due to the fact that different metals have different electrochemical properties. The metals act as anode and cathode and the process of stabilizing the metals start, meaning by which is corrosion.

The Solution

TMT bars need to be tied up with other TMT bars at sometimes, to avoid galvanic corrosion most of the TMT bars available in the market come with Zinga coating. So what is zinga? Zinga coating is a type of a zinc-rich coating and it contains 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film. It is important to note that the Zinga coating is a metallic coating and not a paint or film. Since the coating is in dust form, this means that there will zero porosity. The coating contains a special atomization process which does not affect the strength or the overall quality of the TMT bars.

The Advantage

This zinga coating is to apply on TMT bars, this coating can be applied on the site as well. The TMT bars do not need to be dismantled from structures to apply the TMT bars. Another huge advantage is that this coating can be applied over a mildly rusted surface as well, the surface does not need to be grit clean to apply this coating. Zinga coating can, in fact, increase the adhesive properties of the TMT bars, they also act as a primer as well.

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