Tips for cooling your homes

It’s summer again, the hottest season of the entire year has come. In a country like India, the summers can get quite hot, therefore to escape the heat, we use a variety of measures for cooling our homes. For that, we purchase air conditioners and coolers, but the irony is that the money we spent on these items to cool down our homes makes the world a much hotter place to live. The reason for this is the chemical by-products that are produced from the appliances which increase the temperature. So, what can be an effective way to cool down this summer.

Alternative cooling

Since the above methods are quite expensive and are damaging the environment, the need for alternative cooling measures is gaining popularity. The thing about these methods is that most of the steps described doesn’t require much experience and are simple and efficient enough. These methods also reduce the build-up of heat and the carbon footprints. Here we describe some of the alternative measures that you can use to cool your homes.

Cross Ventilation

We all know what ventilation does but what about cross ventilation?
Although it is a well-known phenomenon, not many people know that time also plays a crucial factor in cooling your home. Cross ventilation involves creating air flow inside your home by opening the windows at opposite ends at specific timings. Since it is hot during the day time, it is always recommended to open between 5.00 to 8.00 am in the mornings and between 7.00 to 10.00 pm in the summer season. The other advantage of opening at these times is that the air will be cool.

Unclutter the Rooms

Removal of unwanted things such as furniture, books, newspapers makes the room airier and more spacious. To allow better circulation of air inside the house, replace all those synthetic drapes and thick woolly carpets that look and feel hot with thin rugs made from jute and hemp that look good and feel great and also generates less heat.

Light It Right

Turn off lights when not in use, especially the incandescent bulbs. Not only do they consume more power and increase your electricity bills, but they also radiate a lot of heat. It’s best to replace them with cooler LED bulbs which save electricity and in turn generate less heat.

Embrace Nature

By placing plants inside the houses at various places definitely helps in cooling the house. These plants function as living air conditioners. Growing vines and creepers along staircase balustrades, balcony grills or indoor screens/dividers can also help keep the shaded area beneath them to be much cooler than the surroundings.

Less Load

Most electronics use electricity and emit heat even when they are running idle. Switch off the electronic equipment when not in use, or use a smart power strip to power off electronics when they are idle. This minimises the amount of heat generated inside the house. Also, try doing routine tasks such as cooking, laundry and ironing during the cooler parts of the day or in the evening.

By following these simple and effective tips, we can not only cool our homes but also reduce the degradation of our environment by eliminating the use of appliances that release chemical by-products that increase the overall temperature of our planet. Adopting these useful tips saves our environment for future generations to see and experience

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