Things not to do with TMT steel bars Part – II

Construction tips not to do with TMT reinforcement bars Fe415 rightsteel

TMT reinforced steels are currently the defacto standard for constructing commercial building projects and residential buildings. Known for its high tensile strength and ductility ratio, it is the ultimate option for reinforcement. Part I of this blog explained about TMT steel and its manufacturing process. To get the complete effect of the reinforced bar, there are certain things that must not be done. Some of these steps were explained in Part-I. Here we further a few more features.

What should not be done

Wrong choice of TMT grades

This may seem weird, you must be wondering what’s with the choices of grades, well, the thing is that only the right grades must be chosen for constructing buildings. As you see, different grades are available for TMT steel namely Fe 415, Fe 500. Fe 550 and Fe 600. The numbers denote the yield strengths of the bars. In TMT steel bars, as a rule of thumb, higher numbers have higher strength but lesser ductility.

Ductility is a vital factor in reinforced steel because it withstands loads of the structure effectively and ensures the longevity of the building. The Fe 415 is called a true grade because it is the only grade steel with the optimum tensile strength and ductility ratio.

Switching grades during construction

When a structure is in its designing stages, the steel bar grades are chosen based on multiple factors i.e the size of the structure, the amount of load it has to withstand etc. The TMT steel bars are classified into different grades for these reasons. Each grade has its own specific uses as reinforcement of buildings. If the structure is a small one, then the reinforced steel bar of grade Fe 415 will be sufficient. The point is that higher grades are used only if the design specifies them.

Once the estimate or plan is done and the grade is chosen, never switch the grades for eg, If the structure is designed to be reinforced with Fe 415 steel bar grade, don’t switch for higher grades such as Fe 500 due to higher strength or any other factor. Switching reinforced bars midway construction results in a huge loss in terms of load withstanding capacity and design of the structure.


The TMT steel bars are the ultimate solution for reinforcing building structures. With their ultimate tensile strength and ductility, they are the most preferred components for reinforcement. However, to ensure the TMT steel bars provide the desired strength, there are certain things that must not be done. These factors results in the compromise of the reinforced bars which in turn makes them unfit for construction purposes.

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