Things not to do with TMT steel bars Part – I

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TMT reinforced steel is the ultimate solution for reinforcement of a commercial structure. What the steels provide are the necessary tensile strength and ductility that is needed for the structure to withstand the forces of nature effectively and increased longevity to structure. The TMT steels are used because of its high tensile strength and ductility, which is resulted from the QST process that the reinforced bar undergo.

However strong, the steel may be, the weakness of steel is its exposure to environmental agents like moisture, corrosion and rust. All these factors drastically reduce the strength of the steel which in turn reduces the structural integrity of the building which eventually leads to collapse

The Hazards

As you can see, even though TMT steels are strong and ductile, there are certain hazards that can happen in TMT steel that can arise due to carelessness. There are always certain things that should never be done with TMT steel. We will describe what they are.

What should not be done

Painting of TMT bars

The biggest hazard for steel is rusting. Under normal circumstances, In typical scenarios, we often see that for preventing rusting, the surface of the metal is painted. It seems to work out for metals but not for the TMT steel bar. By painting the TMT steel, the bonding strength of the steel bar and concrete is reduced as the surface becomes smooth which entirely affects the integrity of the structure.

Improper bending of TMT bars

Bending is done in TMT steel bars to get the desired shape in order to build the structure. The thing about bending is that it should be done correctly otherwise it affects the tensile strength of the bar and leads to poor performance. Even though the lower grades of TMT steel are bent using manual labour, when it comes to the higher grades, it should always be done with appropriate machinery and not by manual labour.

Exposing to moisture

Another environmental hazard for TMT steel is exposing to areas where there is moisture content. The thing about moisture is that it can cause corrosion, rust which in turn will reduce the strength of the steel bar. To counter corrosion, there are anti-corrosion bars, the point is that the exposing to moisture areas can be avoided by effective handling and storing of TMT steel bars.

The list of things doesn’t end here. There are certainly more factors that must not be done on a TMT steel bar. What are those factors will be explained in Part-II of this blog. Until then stay tuned.

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