The Rise of Structural Steel


The global construction has chosen steel as their crux for every rising structure, this choice can be been seen from the Burj Khalifa to your own home. Steel has managed to gain the trust of world-famous architects t your neighbourhood friendly architect as well. Steel has managed to establish a presence in residential, commercial, and industrial structures as well. In this blog we will see how steel has managed to capture the trust of engineers and architects across the world, we will come to find some of the lesser-known facts about steel.


Steel can be moulded into different shapes according to needs of the structure, this is due to steel’s ductility, malleability, and weldability all while not losing its natural and inherent strength.
They can be made into beams, plates, angle, and channels. This translates as a raw material which can mould itself to be part of the traditional architectural shapes and aesthetics. This has allowed to steel to be a global favourite among architects and engineers irrespective of the borders between them


Steel has proven itself against many furies of mother nature from storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. This toughness against natural disasters has meant that steel is also known for safety credentials which they bring with them. Steel also has a high melting point, this means that steel is resistant to almost all disasters related to the fire.


Steel is resistant to most of nature’s intrusions, most notable rust and corrosion. This is one of the reasons why steel is the preferred material to make ships. This when seas water has a notoriety for being a catalyst to corrosion. Steel is manufactured with corrosion in mind, making this material suited to some of the corrosive environments across the world.


Something we don’t even need to discuss in detail, a properly constructed steel structure has an operational lifespan of 200 years, something very few raw materials can achieve. Even when compared to its competition, steel is easy to work with, works in most environments and resistant to many factors as discussed above.

As for the immediate future is concerned, steel is not going to anywhere, recent improvements to the steel manufacturing process has even reduced the wastage to zero. As steel becomes more environmentally friendly, its impact and acceptance are only going forward.

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