What are the different types of TMT bars?



The TMT in TMT Bars stand for Thermo-Mechanically Treated, it is a process of rapidly cooling down bars in the molten state. This cooling down process is either done spraying water at regular intervals. This regular interval will further define the characteristics of the bars. This interval of quenching of bars will give rise to different grades of TMT bars in fact.  The goal here is to have a solid and hard outer surface with a pliable inner core. This outer shell is coated with a protective film, making them resistant to corrosion and rust, making them apt for constructing sensitive structures such as high rise residential buildings and bridges in humid areas. TMT bars and different Steel Grades.

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Natural Disasters vs TMT bars


India is one of the most disaster-hit countries in the world, India is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms and floods. Keeping these in minds, the design and constructions of structures have significantly changed in the recent times. Authorities have also laid down strict guidelines for building structures which can withstand many natural disasters, the construction and the real estate sector have followed this guideline to the letter.

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