Strong or Safe Reinforced Steel

Importance strength ductility TMT rightsteel Fe 415

The introduction of reinforcement drastically changed the phase of construction of building structures of steel. Reinforced steel provided the necessary tensile strength which the concrete lacks. Today, very few constructions are done without using reinforced cement concrete. At the current scenario, the most used reinforced steel bars are the Thermomechanically Treated (TMT) steel reinforced bars. They are preferred for their excellent tensile strength and optimum ductility. The TMT steel bars are of different grades namely Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600.

Strong or Safe Steel

When it comes to choosing the right TMT steel, it becomes a difficult choice for a common man who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of steel and its parameters. Those people usually fall victim to misleading promotions just like what is shown in the following image.


Higher grades TMT steel bars bad for homes Fe415

In the image, it says that it offers steel for homes that have the same quality that is used for building bridges, dams, refineries etc. Don’t you think there is something weird in this statement?
We need to live in homes, not bridges or dams. The reinforced steel grades used for bridges, dams, industries etc and the grades used for constructing homes are different. Fe 415 is the recommended grade for building homes. The higher variations of TMT steel namely Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600 are typically used for constructing other structures like bridges, dams etc.

Misconception of strength

There is a reason why higher grade steel reinforced bars are used for structures like bridges, dams etc. These huge structures are designed for more strength in order to withstand huge loads, therefore using high tensile steel reinforced bar is the only option, but in the case of homes, the scenario is different. The one universal truth of the TMT steel reinforced bar is, higher the strength, less ductile the reinforced bar becomes. As you see, apart from the tensile strength, the most important parameter of the TMT steel rebar is the ductility ratio. It is responsible for handling and absorbing the load of the entire structure without causing structural failure of the building structure.

This ductility ratio is reduced and tensile strength is increased by making changes in the manufacturing process of TMT steel bars. This fact is purposefully hidden to promote higher grade steel reinforced bars. Fe 415 is the only true grade steel reinforced bar which has the right ratio of tensile strength and ductility. These factors make it unique from others.

The Right choice- Fe 415

So people, the next time when you are choosing steel reinforcements for your home, always prefer Fe 415 grade steel and don’t ever blindly fall victims to false promotions and offers. Choose wisely.

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