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Iron is one of the most used versatile metal in the world. Normally Iron is found in ores. Iron ores are rocks from which iron is extracted for the purpose of processing iron which in turn is further reformed to produce reinforced steel bars. Iron ores are not pure, they contain elements like Sulfur, Phosphorus, Carbon etc. These elements are present in high percentage which results in brittleness and less tensile strength for the metal.

Therefore the metallic molten iron is extracted from ores using blast furnace to form pig iron. The content of iron in pig iron is very high, about 92% and the second largest composition of pig iron is carbon which is around 4%.

The transformation of Pig Iron

The pig iron is a product which has a carbon content of 4%. In order to process steel from pig iron, it is further refined and cast into desired shapes/mould and carbon content is lowered to less than 2%. This semi-finished casting product is called Ingot. The ingots are actually pure metals with added impurities at a very low percentage to impart desired qualities. The ingots are then processed to produce the finished steel product for commercial purposes.

The Alternative way

What makes steel unique is its recyclability. Yes, that’s right, Steel is 99% recyclable which means that it can be reused again. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. The benefit of recycling is that it saves energy and raw materials each time steel is reprocessed.
Also, the steel produced from recycling does not suffer any change in quality.

Recycling is particularly beneficial in the constructions of buildings. TMT reinforced steel bars are the commonly used steel as reinforcement for buildings. TMT reinforced bars can be produced using recycling and from ingots. Since the quality of steel produced is the same for both methods, Recycling steel to produce TMT reinforced steel bars is more energy efficient than mining from ores with the added benefits of lesser pollution and exhaustion of natural resources. Most of the recycled metals for steels are normally ferrous scrap metals or leftover components during the production.

Winding up

It is always better to adopt recycling of steel because of the advantages it offers. Today most of the steel manufacturing companies in the world adopt recycling. Reinforced steels such as TMT bars can be produced from recycling and from the iron ore. By adopting recycling, the exploitation of existing iron ore resources will effectively reduce and will stay longer for future generations.

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