Soil Factors To Consider – Part 1


But even before the foundation works starts, it is very important to understand the local soil and the site factors that come together with the soil. This will help engineers to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, some clients and site engineers conduct soil test before the construction of the structure. It is generally a wise move to perform a soil test before starting the construction. Below are some of critical individual factors to consider before building a home.

Soil Texture

The texture of the soil is determined by the natural presence and proportion of silt, sand and clay particles that resides on the site. This plays an important factor in the foundation of the home, which is source of strength for the home in the long run.


Permeability is quite simply a measurement which by we measure the rate which water moves and seeps through the soil. This is an important factor to analyze when building understructure especially septic tanks.

Soil to Bedrock Distance

This distances determines the height of the foundation as well, making this factor very crucial.


This determines the tilt if any of the land, additional changes may be required on the foundation if tilt is found.

Shrink-swell of the soil

Simply put, the ability of the soil to absorb water and the time required to shrink according to the proportional if the water absorbed. This is factor as this lead to a long construction timeline. The chances of soil erosion can also be calculated from this metric. This also affects the strength that is needed for the basement as well. Other than a long construction timeline this can also lead to expensive flooring as well. This metric is a important factor in the overall importance of soil rigidity in the case of building homes.

In the next blog we will be taking a look at the test conducted to check the quality of the soil before proceeding, there are couple of other factors as well which does come onto the picture.

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