Safe loads and why they are a necessity not to be compromised

Safe loads and why they are a necessity not to be compromised Fe415 Rightsteel

Corruption in both public and private undertakings is not an unusual or uncommon scenario for a resident in a country like India. The dangers of corruption for unlawful gains have lead to disaster, of which collapse ——– was discussed in —- blog. But ever wonder why not every structure or construct you have known where corruption has eaten up quality is still functioning as its supposed to. It’s not just God’s grace, but a large part of its credit goes to the Engineer who made the plans and necessary load calculations for the construct. So why do they make such calculations. On planning structures, an engineer has to calculate structural load which comprises of both dead loads and live loads acting on it, and also the environment loads and much more. This is so especially in cases of bridges and structures where live loads are more prominent. In this blog we will be discussing more on how loads are calculated for buildings.

Safe load in buildings

In a building, the most prominent load acting on it is the dead load. The dead load consists of the construct in itself and any or all loads acting on it that are of permanent in nature. Thus basically, we have the self load of the structure and all permanently attached and function as a part of the building. Then there is the live load calculated as in load per sq. feet of the structure. The live load factor in regular residential buildings is taken as much smaller in comparison with commercial structures, where the lie loads are expected to be more. Live loads are a probabilistic calculation.So in case of environmental loads, which are calculated in respect to the geographical conditions like wind loads, snow, rain, ice, seismic, hydro-static, lateral pressure of soil, loads from fluids, permafrost melting and much more form a part of the safe load. Even loads due to foundation settlement, fire, explosion or construction loads are all to be calculated.

Since the final structure is a cumulation of a design able to withstand all such unexpected loads, even when corruption eats away quality, the load bearing calculations added onto meet the unexpected scenarios is what keeps the buildings safe.

We believe that NO CORRUPTION should be at part to steal away the quality of a structure, and every planning should be undertaken with no compromise, as in scenarios we have seen around the world, where sometimes the construction do cross over the limits where irreversible damages and loss of life are caused.

Rightsteel believes in the ethics of construction and is a strong advocate in safety of structure and we advocate in safe construction to ensure the safety of structures. And we believe, TMT reinforcement bars and the right choice of it also plays a big part in the safety of construct. Even if the safe loads are considered, that should never be a factor or a reason for people to exploit and a reason to rob of the quality of structures. Build Right and Build to ensure to withstand, sometimes going a few steps forward to ensure safety do pay off.

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