Reinforced Steel Industry in India Part-I

Reinforced Steel Industry in India Fe415 rightsteel

Reinforced steel bars or rebars has become the preferred standard for construction of building structures, bridges and many other commercial structures. The most popular among them is the Thermo Mechanically Treated ( TMT) reinforced bars. About 35% of the total steel production in the country was accounted by the reinforced steel industry. Usage of high strength TMT steel rebars has ensured rapid growth within the construction sector.

The TMT reinforced steel industry can be classified by both primary and secondary manufacturers. SAIL, Tata Steel etc are the major primary steel manufacturers. They account for almost 30% shares of the total reinforced steel industry. The remaining 70 per cent is catered by about 300-400 producers. Most of them are manufacturers that have regional presence catering to the demand in a particular region.

Creating a brand value

Steel manufacturers always focus on the marketing and branding of their product. Increased The steel market has become more commoditized due to In terms of brand value, Tata Steel is the pioneer as the company has successfully branded its products, thereby sustaining its leadership. In 2009-10, Tata Steel was also accorded the first “SuperBrand” for this segment. Tata Steel is currently one of the largest steel companies in India having annual revenue of around $20 billion with massive steel production in India.

The shifting

There has been a trend among the usage of particular grades of TMT steel rebars. TMT reinforced steel bars have different grades. Though the IS 1786 standard has specified only Fe 415 steel rebar as the preferred component for the construction of buildings. There is a reason why it is specified, but currently, its usage is declining as the market is shifting to higher grades. The construction industry has started adopting higher grades namely Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600.

These higher grade steels are promoted heavily by highlighting their higher tensile strength. Even though it is true, the main fact is hidden, which is less ductility, the most important feature in a TMT reinforced steel. The tensile strength of higher grades is achieved by compromising the ductility content. Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600 are such products. This is the reason why Fe 415 is recommended for construction of homes as it is the only TMT reinforced bar that has the optimum tensile strength and ductility.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and to address the various environmental changes, several variations of TMT reinforced steel bars were introduced.

This does not end here. Excited to know the variations of TMT reinforced steel bars? Stay tuned for Part-II

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