Planning Your Home Construction

Are you planning on building your new home? The task can be a daunting horror for many, especially so if you are to walk in blind without a proper understanding of what you need. So let us walk you through the permits you need to secure for residential construction and what else to look out for when you are planning to construct your dream home.

If you are still in the initial stages of securing the right real estate for your dream home, check out our blog – Tips for Home Dreamers. The very first thing to do is secure the service of a qualified civil engineer. Always look for an engineer with a good number of project completion and look into the previous project completed to get a better understanding if the guy is worth hiring.

Always keep in mind to have some basic floor plan or an idea on what your dream home is before consulting with an architect. Because let’s face it, you will have a run-of-the-mill home. An important factor to note is that you have a basic idea on what you wish your home should be like, here is a checklist of things one should have when planning on your new home.

Keep all the following documents handy

Legal registration and deed for the property
Land use and zonal clearance certificate
Property Tax document

Test the soil

The entire weight of a structure weighs down on the soil, so it is essential to test for the characteristics of the soil before undertaking any construction. A soil test helps you get the weight bearing capacity of the soil and helps you in determining the length and depth of the pillars to be put in to lay the foundation of the building

Submission of plans

When submitting the plans, prepare a sketch that complies with Kerala Municipality Building Rules (KMBR) or Kerala Panchayat Building Rules (KPBR). The detailed sketch of the plan including Site layout, Site plan, Building Elevations, Sections, Floor plan, Roof plan, Details of septic tank/ soak pit, Rainwater harvesting are to be included. When submitting plans to respective authorized personals the detailed plan along with a copy of the deed of the document, the latest land tax receipts, possession certificate, land use, and zonal clearance if applicable should be submitted by the licensee. Licensee can be the draftsman or a licensed engineer/ architect.

On submission of the documents, local self-governing body assigns a file number to your application for the permit and assigns a building inspector to visit and crosscheck the information of property submitted to authorities. Building inspector submits a report to the assistant engineer, who reverifies and forwards it to the assistant executive engineer who has the final say in approval/ rejection of the application.

On successful approval of the application, you can secure the building permit by paying the fees at the local self-governing body. The building permit will then be issued and sent to the registered address of the applicant.

The application for a building permit is not much of the havoc when constructing homes. The most important factor is financing your ‘dream home’. Let’s face it, no homes have ever stood within your first estimated budget and there is always that ‘this is my one-time investment and I don’t want any regrets in future’ splurge. So the next blog is to help you know how to finance your dream home.

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