TMT Bars – What makes it genuine?

Genuine Fe415 TMT reinforcement bars rightsteel

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) reinforced steel bars are the backbone of building structures. They offer the right amount of tensile strength and ductility needed for withstanding the different types of loads of the structure. Since it is an inevitable factor in the construction field, there are many steel companies in India which produce TMT reinforced bars.

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Planning Right To Withstand Part – II

Planning buildings Right to withstand earthquakes Fe 415 rightsteel

Construction of building structures is increasing on a daily basis. With newer technological sophistication introduced, newer strategies are used for making the building stronger during construction. However strong the building may be, it is not matched for natural disasters, especially earthquakes. Earthquakes are one of the biggest challenges for a building structure to overcome because even the strongest buildings do suffer damages from earthquakes.

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Planning Right To Withstand

Planning homes right to withstand disaster hurricane rightsteel fe415

Building a structure involves planning, resources and time. Every building structures are constructed with the purpose to last long, but when natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes strike the buildings, they fall. So normally structures are vulnerable to natural disasters.

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Steel – A True Reinforcement For Structures

Steel True Reinforcement Structures rightsteel fe415

Steel is the most widely used material in the construction field. Being an alloy of Iron, Carbon, it is known for its high tensile strength and low cost. Before the inclusion of steel, concrete was solely used for building structures but the catch was that concrete could only deal with the compressive strength of the structure and couldn’t deal with the tensile strength. This situation was quite a challenge to overcome until the introduction of reinforcement.

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Collapsing of Buildings- Lack of Skill Or Inefficient building plans

Collapsing of Buildings- Lack of Skill Or Inefficient building plans rightsteel fe415

One of the common news we know through newspapers and televisions is the sudden collapsing of building structures, whether they are structures that have finished constructing or the ones still in the construction phase. Usually, buildings are constructed for long-term sustainability. The irony is that most of the recent building collapses are not caused by any natural disasters.

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Steel – Recycled Or Iron Ore

Steel TMT Ingot Recycled or Iron ore rightsteel

Iron is one of the most used versatile metal in the world. Normally Iron is found in ores. Iron ores are rocks from which iron is extracted for the purpose of processing iron which in turn is further reformed to produce reinforced steel bars. Iron ores are not pure, they contain elements like Sulfur, Phosphorus, Carbon etc. These elements are present in high percentage which results in brittleness and less tensile strength for the metal.

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Test for TMT Reinforcement bars

Test for TMT reinforcement bars rightsteel

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) process has been developed for providing quality reinforcement to structures. The TMT process is a revolutionary process as it provides the steel bars high tensile strength as well as ductility. There are different grades for TMT reinforced steels namely Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600, where the numbers denote the minimum yield strength.

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Iron- A truly recyclable metal

Iron Truly Recyclable Metal Fe415 Rightsteel

Iron is the most important metal for Industrial purposes.Steel, the most versatile alloy of Iron drastically changed the economic status of the world. Do you know that steel industry can be classified as a Green Industry, but you might wonder how? It’s simple, Recycling.

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Evolution of steel Part- II

Evolution of reinforcement bars - HYSD and TMT bars Part - 2 rightsteel

The previous blog explained about the evolution of steel using different techniques and also how it changed the economic status of the world. Steel is mainly preferred as reinforcements due to their high tensile strength. In earlier times Iron bars was used as reinforcement but it became unsuitable due to formation of corrosion very quickly. It was replaced by Mild Steel (MS) reinforced bar. Even though Mild Steel rebars has good workability, ductility and anti corrosion properties, it has poor bonding with concrete since it’s outer surface is smooth.

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Evolution of Steel Part – 1

evolution of steel reinforcement bar rightsteel

Steel has been a vital tool for mankind since its inception. Steel is the major component in almost everything starting from buildings, bridges, automobiles to pieces of machinery. Discovery of steel and it’s production dramatically changed the economic status of the world. Steel is an alloy of Iron and Carbon in which the carbon content is at 2% (Above 1%, it is classified as Cast Iron).

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