Natural Disasters vs TMT bars


India is one of the most disaster-hit countries in the world, India is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms and floods. Keeping these in minds, the design and constructions of structures have significantly changed in the recent times. Authorities have also laid down strict guidelines for building structures which can withstand many natural disasters, the construction and the real estate sector have followed this guideline to the letter.

The market and common people have embraced reinforced cement concrete building techniques for their structures. Most standing structures around India have tremendously improved their odds of surviving a natural disaster due to all this, and this improvement and attention to safety are not going south any time soon too.


India has many zones of earthquakes, in fact, only very places in India is said to be not an earthquake zone. Earthquakes have the potential to destroy and damage structures which are primarily older constructions, even after being built according to earthquake safety regulations. When it comes to the newer structures constructions in the earthquake-prone regions are following the authorised strength/ductility promoting guidelines, this has lead to structures which can withstand earthquakes. This is impart due structures using ductile components to build structures, one of the main source of this ductility is from TMT bars. TMT bars have the ability to absorb vibrations of the earthquake, so instead of staying rigid, the structures absorb thus reducing the effects of the earthquake. Even while talking ductility, TMT bars do not compromise on strength, instead they balance the strength and ductility. This can easily note with different grades of TMT bars.


India is country where the rainy season is prolonged and some areas have multiple rainy episodes throughout the year. Floods have become a problem, this is partly due to cities growing beyond the initial architectural planning or no planning at all. This rain threatens both structures which are in construction and the constructed ones. Water can corrosion which can result in instant and long-term damage to structures. Instant damage can result in loss of property and life while long damages can very expensive to reverse. Corrosion can severely shorten the operational life of cement and TMT bars. But TMT bars come with anti-corrosion coating which prevents the corrosion. It is quite clear that TMT bars have given confidence to the average homeowner when it comes to natural disasters.

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