Iron- A truly recyclable metal

Iron Truly Recyclable Metal Fe415 Rightsteel

Iron is the most important metal for Industrial purposes.Steel, the most versatile alloy of Iron drastically changed the economic status of the world. Do you know that steel industry can be classified as a Green Industry, but you might wonder how? It’s simple, Recycling.

Iron- A truly recyclable metal

One of the problems most industries face is the procurement of raw materials. The problem arises when the industry heavily relies on ores, which in turn pressures exploitation of natural resources. Certain materials cannot be reused again for manufacturing, thus compelling the industries to use the newer materials thereby increasing the cost of manufacturing. This is where the uniqueness of steel is proven. Steel is an alloy that is 99% recyclable. Recycling of steel when carried out removes all impurities, this is achieved by melting steel in temperatures much above its melting point. As a result, all impurities are reduced in the presence of oxygen, the impurities thus escaping in its gaseous form. Thus the quality of steel is assured, thus eliminating the need for the steel industry to solely rely on pig iron as raw material.

Why Recycling

Recycling is a need, and steel is one industry who have been able to keep up and innovate to reduce wastage. Recycling of steel has the following advantages. It results in less energy consumption. Less energy consumption means fewer greenhouse gases. Therefore by practicing recycling, the environment is not further harmed and is protected for us and the future generations. Recycling of steel is a new phase in steel making. According to the steel ministry’s annual report published in 2018, The Indian steel industry imported about 5.7 million tonnes of scrap in 2016-17. Recycling has prevented the need to further exploit the iron resources to depletion. As mentioned, iron is one metal that is indispensable for the development of a country, if recycling were not possible it would have exploited iron ore resources to great limits.

Recycling of Steel in Construction Industry

Construction Industry is in fact the largest consumer of iron, so it is with a definite pride that the industry carries out the recycling of iron. The reinforcement steel bars made from recycled iron without impacting on the quality, is truly a blessing. The construction industry relies on reinforcement bars, currently the TMT manufacturing process have billets or ingots made from recycled iron or pig iron or a combination of both. These Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) reinforced bars are a prime example that recycling does not reduce the quality. Pollution cannot be eliminated but it should be controlled, so it is a welcoming gesture that the Steel Industry still continues to research and develop means to reduce the carbon footprints of the Industry.

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