Innovations in Constructions

Innovations in Constructions fe415 rightsteel

The construction of buildings is quite innovating and are truly a marvel. When we compare the current timeline with the ancient timeline, we can see that the number of buildings has risen tremendously over the centuries. With time, different types of innovations in constructions were introduced. This resulted in the construction of better, stronger and taller buildings that are safe to live in.

However, constructing buildings did not come easy as it required a lot of financial resources to implement it. With the rising of population and various needs, constructing buildings that can be affordable and required a lesser number of resources were needed to handle the needs. This is where homes came to be an effective solution. As homes were easier to afford and maintain for people, unlike big buildings that required more resources for construction and maintenance.

Modern Marvels

With newer technological innovations in construction, different building structures were constructed all over the world which all represented the symbol of the culture of the respective countries. Here, let us see some of the spectacular construction marvels that shows what comes when innovated technology and skills combine together:

Tokyo Sky Tree

It is a broadcasting restaurant and observation tower located in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. In terms of height, it is the second tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa, with an estimated height of 634 meters. The tower is designed to withstand earthquakes. It includes a central shaft made of reinforced concrete. The main internal pillar is attached to the outer tower structure for the first 125 meters above the ground. Also, the pillar is attached to the tower frame with oil dampers, which act as cushions during an earthquake. According to the designers, these dampers can absorb up to 50 per cent of the energy from an earthquake.

Tokyo skytree modern innovation and construction

Capital Gate

This skyscraper is located in Abu Dhabi and is the farthest man-made leaning tower in the world as per Guiness Records, 2010. The tower is has been built to lean 18° west and has been effectively designed to absorb and channel the wind and seismic forces. Another feature is its foundation itself which consists of 490 pilings that have been drilled 30 meters underground. These pilings provide stability against strong winds, gravitational pull, and seismic pressures that arise due to the incline of the tower.

capital gate tower innovation in construction of new world architecture

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

This is a luxury five star restaurant located in Beijing. What makes this restaurant spectacular is its architecture design which is a spherical orb shape with a height of 97 meters. It consists of 21 floors which has 306 guestrooms. The restaurant spans an area of 18,075 square meters and the exterior of the structure is glass which is covered by more than 10,000 glass panels.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel innovation in construction of new world architecture


Better innovations

The architecture and art culture of the ancient world is a marvel worth notice, but the scale of modern architectures do bring in a need to choose efficiency and safer structures. The innovation process is always ongoing and newer, better technologies are being introduced. One such innovation was reinforced steel bars for constructing homes.

These bars had the tensile strength which was capable of handling the tensile forces of the structure which the concrete lacked. The reinforced bars were further innovated which resulted in the birth of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars. These bars were known for their exceptional strength and ductility ratio which made them preferred for reinforcing structures. TMT steel bars are classified on the basis of different grades namely Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600. The numbers denote the yield strength of the steel bar which means higher the numbers, the higher the strength. Therefore, the grades are used specifically for different buildings. For small structures like homes, Fe 415 is the recommended grade because it is the only grade that has the right mix of tensile strength and uncompromised ductility factor which is compromised for achieving more strength in the other grades. One thing that can be said is that newer innovations and technologies have always resulted in creating more safer and spectacular structures.

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