Importance of Lugs and Ribs on TMT rods


Closely looking at TMT bars one can see rings and lines, in this blog we will see what they and their uses. First things first, these rings and lines are called lugs and ribs, these are placed at regular intervals across the TMT bars of all grades. These lugs and ribs are there give a gripping effect in concrete structures, they give traction to concrete overlay on them. The angular placing on the surface gives the concrete a surface which it can cling on to.

With the right placing ribs and lugs, the TMT bars can give the structures an optimum lifespan as well as stability. As the heights and complexities go upwards, the importance of properly placed ribs at correct angles has only gone up. Discussed below are how these lugs and ribs really make a difference.

Angles and Placements

There have studies which have proved that lugs and ribs have in fact been effective in increasing the bendability and concrete bonding index. This has also led to reducing the length of TMT bars while retaining the strength and tensile strength. These ribs and lugs also reinforce the protective coating against rust and corrosion which is painted on all TMT bars.


These lugs and ribs have been a massive improvement from the smooth surfaces of early days TMT bars. As concrete gained acceptance in India when compared with traditional building materials. These deformations made sure that the TMT bars had better bonding strength than the previous smooth surfaced TMT bars. This bonding also meant that there was minimum concrete slippage thus reducing the wastage of concrete.


The lugs and ribs have reduced the lengths of TMT bars but this has not reduced the stability of TMT bars, in fact, they increased the stability of TMT bars. Against natural calamities like earthquakes, ribs and lugs have made TMT bars to be crack free under enormous stress. Ribs and lugs while may be small in their outward appearance, but they have massively improved TMT bars as a whole.

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