How To Reduce Cost Of House Construction?

tips reduce cost of house construction fe415 tmt

In this blog, we will look at some ways how we can save money in the construction process, in this it has to clearly mention none of the way compromise on the safety of the structure. We will look into ways how to save money on the materials costs and how each of the savings play out n the long run.


Nowadays with stringent rules, most cement manufacturers adhere to these rules. So, when it comes to quality of cement there is no considerable difference between the cement which have a local, national or even international presence. Go for the locally made cement to get the maximum bang for your buck. This is a safe bet as most local cements are made to withstand the local climate and weather.

Bricks And Blocks

Just like in the case of cement there is not a considerable difference when it comes to bricks, especially red clay or fly ash bricks. One important point to say here that these red clay and fly ash bricks are good for structures up to 3 floors. Once reaching the three floors mark, usually AAC blocks are preferred, also called concrete blocks. They are somewhat expensive, stronger, lightweight can help you to save money on steel as well in the later stages of constructions. In the long run, AAC blocks can save you money on cooling as AAC bricks have very low thermal connectivity.

TMT bars

The backbone of any modern construction or structure, TMT bars are costly affairs but are very much the foundation of all construction works nowadays. There is no shortcut with this material, the best you can do is to buy TMT bars according to the designs of your home or other structure. There are many grades of TMT bars, choose the right grade, Fe 415 for homes, Fe 500 for multi-story structures, Fe 550 for underground structures and bridges, and Fe 600 for structure requiring industrial grade strength.

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