How TMT Bars Changed The Construction And Infrastructure Sector part 2

tmt bars revolutionised construction and infrastructure safer and better buildings

Continuing from the previous blog, we will be taking a close look at how TMT bars changed Indian construction sector. One of the huge factors which not many discuss is that India is itself a source of cheap and high-quality TMT bars. The steel industry has always one of the successful heavy engineering sectors in India. This meant that India always had a steady supply of TMT bars no matter the situation in the markets.

Ductility and bendability

This means that the TMT bars can be bent into different useful shapes, for example, they can be moulded to slabs, columns, and more. This lowers the fabrication time and the overall construction time. This bendability allows the structures to survive earthquakes as well. In case of an earthquake, this structure will absorb the vibrations instead of fighting it.

Corrosion Resistance

The TMT manufacturing process protects the bars from corrosion, TMT bars are coated with an anticorrosive film which protects them from corrosion. TMT bars can be a victim of corrosion too, this is mainly due to incorrect welding or bending bars without any professional equipment.

Fire resistant

Fire safety is one of the places where TMT bars really shine, it doesn’t matter which grade be it Fe 415 or Fe 600. All TMT bars can easily withstand temperatures 400 to 600-degree Celcius. This is due to the high thermal resistance of TMT bars, and government ensure that to get the standards approval manufacturers to make their TMT bars fire resistant.

Bonding Strength

The ribs and lugs which are marked on the TMT bars accelerate the bonding process with cement, this means shorter construction time and a better bonding quality.

Use As Needed

TMT bars come in different grades, this makes them easy to use them in appropriate structures. For example, Fe 500 D is a special grade which provides more ductility when compared with its Fe 500 counterpart. Fe 415 is a popular choice among homeowners and more.

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