How TMT Bars Changed The Construction And Infrastructure Sector part 1

tmt bars best reinforcement bar for construction and infrastructure


India is one of the fastest growing economies, this means that construction sites are very common in India. From small-scale structures to massive infrastructure projects, India has rapidly increased its rate of urbanization from 11% in the late 1940s to 31% in 2018. This push towards to urbanization has been helped by many different factors, the government’s willingness to invest in infrastructure has been one of the important factors in this push. The real estate and the construction also helped this vision by actively taking part in this urbanization plan.

Partner for Growth

In this effort, real estate sector itself grew into a self-sustaining sector which provided employment to the well educated and the moderately educated as well. In the same time, industries popped up to support the growth of the real estate sector as well. Cement manufacturing companies, TMT bars producing companies, manpower suppliers, architects, designers, planners and the lot. The government stepped in by establishing rules and standards for making these things as well. In the long run, most of the real estate supporting companies have adhered to these rules and helped in the urbanization process.

TMT Bars

TMT bars have changed the landscape of the construction sector in India, with their versatility, the ability to mold into shapes such as slabs, beams, columns and more. Beyond their versatility, TMT bars come in different grades making them apt from small homes, medium-sized commercial establishments to ports and airports. These TMT bars do not burn the pockets of common folks, or does it compromise on safety when that is the priorities. The different grades provide different characteristics, Fe 415 is known for its ability to withstand fires and earthquakes, Fe 550 is a popular choice when it comes building bridges and structures near the sea, as it is known for being quite rust resistant. Fe 600 is known for its strength making them a popular choice for building airports and skyscrapers. As a conclusion in the part of this blog, we will be taking a look at the reasons why TMT bars have become the cornerstone of the Indian construction sector.

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