Difference Between FE 415 And FE 500 – Part 1


Concrete is the heart and soul of any construction project, they can moulded into almost shape and can withstand anything weather and climate around the world. But, what the concrete lacks is the strength, ductility and a low tensile strength. This is where TMT bars come to save the day, a mix of concrete and TMT bars can help engineers to build structures like never before in the history of mankind.

This has also meant the complexities associated with civil engineering has also gone up. Reinforced concrete has extended the life of structures as well. Homes and buildings built today are of exceptional quality and standards. Authorities have done their bit to make sure that the rules are followed to the letter.

TMT Bars for Homeowners

The average person considers building their own home as a goal worth fulfilling in their life. Home have also become an investment of sorts in this volatile climate. The average homeowner is quite misinformed when it comes to construction of their homes, while selecting a concrete is a pretty straight forward process, choosing a TMT bar is not as simple. Often, they are given a choice between FE415 and FE500. The difference between the numbers here does mean a lot when it comes to the construction of the house.

TMT Bars for Engineers

It is not just the average homeowner but also the engineer, the tricky part sometimes engineers face when it comes to building home and offices is predicament between choosing FE415 and FE500.Some opt for FE500 as it reduces cost as it would mean that less TMT bars are required for the construction. But most of the planning and designing of homes are done with FE415, they are in fact best choice for building home. They offer the customer the strength, ductility and tensile strength they require. One of the advantage of FE415 is its ability to withstand natural calamities like earthquakes and high winds. In the next blog we will take a detailed look on the nuances each of grades of TMT bars bring to the table.

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