Fe 415’s Big Brothers – Fe 500 And Fe 500D


TMT Bars And Their Influence

TMT bars have become the backbone of every civil construction out there, they can give structures shapes, strength, and they can be moulded to make slabs, beams and columns as well.
As the expectations and demands of the common man rise with respect to make real estate structures. The need for high-quality materials for building structures has also gone, and this is one of the reasons why TMT bars have taken the centre stage in the construction field. TMT bars come in different grades so as to cater to different needs. These TMT bars have the approval of the Bureau of Indian Standards for building and construction projects. While Fe 415 is the popular choice among homeowners, Fe 500 and Fe 500D have carved out a market for themselves. In the blog, we will take a look Fe 500 and Fe 500D, just like Fe 415 they too are popular with a section of architects and engineers.

Technical Specifications

In the name of Fe 500 & Fe 500D, the word “Fe” denotes Iron, and the number ”500” stands for the minimum yield stress in N/mm2 and the letter “D” denotes that these bars have a significantly higher values of ductility improving chemicals (higher UTS/YS & % Elongation). These bars are designed to have a lower percentage of sulphur and phosphorus which are known to reduce ductility and improve strength for steels used in construction. A higher presence of sulphur leads to a low melting point of steel, this is called cold shortness. And by design, the carbon content of these TMT bars are also reduced to aid ductility and weldability of the steel.

Real World Use

While Fe 415, Fe 500 and Fe 500D are good for covering in the manufacturing of a diverse variety of structures. Fe 500D is same as Fe 500 when it comes to tensile strength, the difference comes inability of Fe 500D to be more ductile than the Fe 500. Ductility is the ability of the material to be flexible and the ability to adapt into different shapes. Fe 500 is one of the TMT bars which is known for its ability to withstand earthquakes just like Fe 415, this TMT bar can be said that it is a direct competition to Fe 415 as well.

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