FE 415 Vs FE 500 – What to Choose and When?


Based On Structures

Fe 415 and Fe 500 are the TMT bars made for the common man, what a common dreams off is a home or a small scale commercial structure. What to choose to based is based on many different criteria and the prevailing geographical conditions. Beyond the the structures there is wriggle room both for owners and architects to choose between Fe 415 and Fe 500, looking at the cost and the timeline for the construction also comes into the picture.

Fe 500 is not easy to use when compared with Fe 415, Fe 500 is difficult to weld and bend as well. What meant here is, Fe 500’s protective layer may be damaged when bent manually, this damaged protective coating can lead to expensive repairs in future as corrosion or rust can creep in. This also servery affects the operational lifetime of the TMT bar.

Direct Competition?

Fe 415 and Fe 500 are not direct competitors, lets be clear about that. We have them interchangeable to some extent. They cater to entirely different needs of prospective homeowners and building needs. While Fe 415 is purpose made for building homes, Fe 500 is made for building structures unto 1 or 2 floors.  Fe 415 or Fe 500 is not recommended for building underground structures. So, to be clear Fe 415 and Fe 500 are not competition to each other.

Expert Opinion

The engineers and the architects have the final in whether to use Fe 415 or Fe 500, while both are interchangeable to some extent, architects and engineers have a better understanding your primary and secondary needs. They also take in local geographical considerations such as earthquake belts, humidity (responsible for rust and corrosion), soil rigidity and more.


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