Fe 415 – True TMT bar for Safe and Happy Homes

Fe 415 True TMT bar for safe and happy homes Rightsteel

Reinforced steel bars are the commonly used materials today in the field of construction whether it is for constructing homes, buildings or any structure. Initially, I was preferred for reinforcement of structures but when stronger iterations were introduced, the people made a wrong choice by favoring them. My name is Fe 415.

There are higher grades variations available besides myself. These are Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600. Common people fell victims to their popularity and marketing tactics and made a wrong turn by choosing them. Even though those higher grades have more tensile strength, what makes me special from the other grades is my uncompromised ductility factor.

What makes me unique

The specialty of TMT reinforced bar is its manufacturing process. The procedure involves three stages namely Quenching, Self-Tempering and Annealing. This process results in having an external tempered martensite layer that provides tensile strength and a soft inner ferrite-pearlite core that provides ductility. Yes, Ductility, it is what makes me unique from the other grades.

As you know most of the people don’t realise the importance of ductility in a reinforced steel bar. Ductility provides the TMT bar bendability which means that the bar can be bent more. Sufficient bendability ensures protection from natural disasters like earthquakes to an extent. In order to achieve more tensile strength for other grades, the sole important factor, ductility is compromised by reducing its content, which in turn makes them brittle. This is the truth I know but is hidden from the common people for marketing higher grade steel reinforced bar.

Make the Right Choice

I am the only reinforced steel bar with the optimal tensile strength and ductility which makes me ideal for the construction of homes. The higher grades are used only if the design requires more strength for the building structure. Another factor that makes me a better choice is that I am cheaper than the higher grades.

My ductility factor allows me to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes of considerable magnitudes. One advantage of the higher grades is that lesser number of rebars are needed, but its brittle nature makes it unsuitable for building structures in areas prone to seismic activity. The people who made the mistake choosing higher grades should correct it by choosing me instead of them.


Construction is not all about the tensile strength, TMT process was so innovated to meet the true concerns of an engineer, ductility as well as strength. The High Rise and the bridges demand the higher grades but my innovation is so proportioned as the best of ductility as well as tensile strength. With my uncompromised ductility, I have an advantage over the other grades in terms of bendability and workability. I am a consistent player in the TMT grade with the best in records for being the uncompromised in a lot produced, which no higher grades of TMT can claim for itself.

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