Fe 415 and Fe 500 – The Common man’s TMT Bars


Where It’s Used

When building a home, a common man looks for a home which will last a long time, wants to have his/her influence on the designs and doesn’t have a lot of money to throw around. To accommodate these needs, the common looks to Fe 415 and Fe 500. These TMT bars have the ability to tick all the boxes of expectations and demands of the common man such as design influence, cost dependability, and maximum usage of the available space. The reason why these bars have to say even space is a concern is this, even though the number of TMT bars needed may reduce but these bars are purpose made for small structures. 

Why It’s Used

TMT bars such as Fe 600 and Fe 550 are available on the market with much high tensile strength when compared with Fe 415 and Fe 500. Those TMT bars are not exactly for their rampant use in residential and small-scale commercial structures.  First things first, they are not made with the intention of using them for residential or small-scale commercial properties. They are also quite expensive for the task they accomplish in residential and small-scale structures, nor do they can be easily bent or welded. Making them quite expensive and limited for a residential or small-scale commercial structure. Fe 600 and Fe 550 will easily break when bent into perfect “U” shape and they cannot be manually bent as well. These are the some the reasons why Fe 415 and Fe 500 cater to the common man’ s needs.


Talking just about Fe 415 and Fe 500, Fe 500 comes with its own sets of problems, they are not as flexible as Fe 415. This means that most engineers order Fe 500 in factory cut sizes as they cannot be manually cut without any loss in their quality. In terms of flexibility here is a good chance of Fe 500 damaging its outer coating exposing itself to corrosion and rust. This could turn very costly in the future for the homeowners. Fe 415 can be easily made into slabs, horizontal beams and pillars.  All these advantages point out that the common man has a choice between Fe 415 and Fe 500.


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