Difference Between Fe 550 And Fe 500


Almost every modern structure made anywhere in the world nowadays contain TMT bars, they are right up there with concrete and bricks. Beyond a raw material, TMT bars can be used make beams. slabs, grids, columns and more. This makes TMT bars even more valuable. Even when TMT bars are bent to make secondary microstructures they do not lose their corrosion and anti-rust properties.

It is important to note that TMT bars are of made highly regulated materials, their composition is also closely looked into, even the slightest impurities can result in lasting damage on structures and on their operational longevity. So it is important to buy TMT bars which adhere to BIS standards of IS 1786: 2008. The TMT bars which follow these standards have ISI marks marking their quality assurance. India follows a different standards protocol than the international standard specified in ISO 6935-2. This is taking in local considerations such as earthquake-prone areas, rainfall, characteristic and more.

Types Of Fe 500 and Fe 550 Bars

The TMT bars come in the market as Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 500S, Fe 550, Fe 550D. The D in these bars show that they are more ductile than their normal counterparts. For example, this extra ductility comes from reduced chemical compositions of Carbon, Sulphur, phosphorus and Sulphur/phosphorus mixture. While the normal Fe 550 bars contain maximum carbon percentage of .30, while Fe 550D bars contain maximum carbon percentage of .25. This same type of difference in composition in Fe 500 also, for example, for while the normal Fe 500 bars contain maximum Sulphur percentage of 0.060 and Fe 500D bars contain maximum Sulphur percentage of 0.045. These small changes in composition can make a huge on the ground.

The Best Choice

When choosing between the two, it is better to see what these bars are made for. With the added choices of Fe 500D, Fe 500S, and Fe 550D, it is very easy to choose between the choices. The decision makers are the architects and the engineers none the less. As common consumers we can always get the idea what the best choice from blogs like these, stay tuned for more.


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