Corrosion is More Expensive than Education


An average homeowner or even more accurately an average person will be shocked to learn that India spends more money on fighting rust than on education. According to Sunil Duggal of Hindustan Zinc Ltd (HZL), “India loses around 4-5 percent of GDP annually on account of corrosion losses.” India currently spends around 3.8% of its GDP on education. Even if a nation can live this situation, an average homeowner doesn’t need to live like this.

This where TMT bars have helped an average homeowner to help achieve his dream of own home. TMT bars are coated with a film which protects them from rust and water, but bending TMT bars can damage this film, exposing them to water and oxygen making them vulnerable to corrosion. Using corroded TMT bars significantly reduces the lifetime usability of the structure, it estimated to half its actual lifetime usability.

Bendability of TMT Bars

The need to bend TMT bars should not arise in the first place, but if such a situation arises we should make sure that the bar which needs to be bent is not higher grade such as FE500 or FE550. These bars are not to be bent, they have excellent load bearing strength but lacks the bendability characteristic. Higher grade TMT bars do not contribute much when talking about the average home since most homes don’t have square shapes all around. When it comes to FE415, they have much more bendability than their higher grade counterparts. Making them perfect for homes which might have different aesthetic values cause it will most probably contain different shapes other than straight lines.

Even when it comes to welding of TMT bars, care should be given to places where the welding is being done, exposed film as mentioned before can cause corrosion. This is a problem specific to India, where the climate, in fact, facilitates corrosion. For example, Pamban Bridge, in Tamil Nadu is actually in the world’s second most corrosive environment. Florida in America comes first in this regard. The Pamban Bridge still stands tall against the environment, cyclones and winds which reach up to 40 Km/hr.

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