Buying the right TMT steel

Buying right TMT steel grade Fe415

TMT steel reinforced bars have been used in constructions of building structures for a long time. They are primarily preferred due to the advantages offered in terms of tensile strength and ductility ratio. TMT Steel reinforced bars consists of different grades namely Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600. Because of the availability of different grades and many dealers promoting different versions of the steel reinforced bars, purchasing the right TMT steel reinforced bar is an important task


The Right Choice

When purchasing TMT steel reinforced bars, it is always recommended to have a basic knowledge of steel bars and its grades otherwise you are most likely to make the wrong choice which you cannot regret later. Following these factors will save you from a huge loss in the future for your home.

  • Checking the grades: Alright, this is the most fundamental part before making the purchase. As I mentioned above that TMT steel reinforced bars comes in different grades. You see, the numbers denote the yield strength, therefore, higher numbers mean higher strength. If your steel purchase is for home construction, choose Fe 415 grade quality steel.

  • ISI certification: This is yet another factor to be considered when purchasing. Always buy steels from ISI certified companies. Buying steel from ISI certified companies will ensure steel reinforced bars of better quality factors. Those companies without ISI certification promotes counterfeit lookalikes of the TMT steel as original rebars. Be vigilant.

  • Physical check: This is something everyone can do, all it requires is keen observation. Before purchasing, check for the company logo on the steel bar, also, check whether the steel grades namely Fe-415, Fe-500 etc are shown on the rebar, rather than just the numbers only. Check for rusts, visible dents and see if all the rebars are of equal lengths in the lot you choose. If any mismatch is found on these details, never buy that reinforced steel bars.
  • Testing the reinforced steel: The physical checking can identify defects on the outside, but to identify the defects from the inside, certain tests must be performed such as,
    • Tensile Test
    • Yield Stress Test
    • Percentage Elongation Test
    • Bend & Rebend Test
    • Chemical Analysis Test

For more information on Testing procedures on TMT steels reinforced bars, check out this blog.

The True Grade- Fe 415

In the above sections, I mentioned Fe 415 for home constructions. There’s a reason for that. Fe 415 is the only grade that has the right ratio of tensile strength and ductility. Fe 415 is preferred for homes, whereas the other grades such as Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600 etc all have higher tensile strength but their ductility ratio is less, which makes them brittle. In other words, less effective in handling loads of the structure.

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