Best Raw Materials To Build Your Dream Home


A home is dream of the common man, the common man wants a personal space where he or she unwind and relax without a care in the world. So, the common man wants a home which confines to his sense of design, safety and longevity. To meet the expectations and demands of the ever more demanding common man, the construction sector has always been in the business of reassuring people about the quality and safety of their products. Below are some of the individual raw materials which have changed the landscape of the real estate sector india.


This magical clay gives the structure the initial form of a home, the bricks are the base of any construction no matter the size or functionality of the structure. Bricks are made by heating raw clay, mud, and ceramic materials in a kiln. The combination is burnt to a crisp, making them extremely firm and hard. Even after firmness and hardness, bricks are incredibly lightweight combined with fact that bricks do not need high tech equipments to manufacture, bricks have become the combination of strength, reliability and inexpensive option for building homes.


Cement has the ability to provide incredible strength once it transforms from its semi liquid state to solid state. Cements generally come in two different types depending upon the need of the structure, there is non hydraulic cement which does not set under wet conditions. Then there is hydraulic cement which can set under any conditions and comes extra adhesive properties making them to set faster.

TMT Bars

TMT bars have greatly reduced the costs associated with building homes, they also provide much needed structural integrity, strength and tensile strength as well. TMT bars are manufactured with a combination of rolling, compressing, rapid water quenching and more. The goal here is to create a hard shell with a soft core. This makes these TMT bars incredible suitable for homes and other small structures. TMT bars are also quite flexible and tensile as well, which they can be bent and framed to make creative designs with them. They are resistant to corrosion and can withstand many natural disasters as well.


Concrete is the building material formed by mixing aggregate composites and cement. Portland cement concrete is one of the most used concretes for construction. It is made using gravel, cement and water. Once these components are mixed well, the produced mixture is left to harden and the final product is known as concrete. Concrete has a low tensile strength and therefore TMT rod or re-bars are used to strengthen it.

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