4 Reasons why Fe415 steel grade is recommended for your home?

Fe 415 best reinforcement tmt bar for homes rightsteel

Home is where the heart is. Home is where you crave to come back to after a long day – to unwind, relax and be yourself. While your house matters more to you than the monetary worth it holds, have you thought of what makes your house a safe place to live in. Well. bricks, mortar and everything nice – a probable answer . But there is something beyond just bricks and mortar that makes a building safe place to live in – TMT bars! Of all the grades of steel available in the market, Fe415 steel grade is proven to be the best. Here is why you should consider using it for your home.

1. Fe 415 steel grade is earthquake resistant.

The ductility that Fe 415 steel grade possess is high when compared to other grades. On that note, it can avoid sudden collapse and help in reducing damage to lives caused by earthquakes to a certain extent.

2. High degree of elongation

One of the characteristics that makes Fe 415steel grade an ideal grade for your home is that it possess high degree of elongation. This means more durability and strength to your dream home that can last longer.

3. Cost effective

Among a wide range of TMT bars, Fe 415 steel grade does magic in terms of being in alignment with the budget. It provides great features at a comparatively lower rate, thereby allowing you to save some money to take care of other expenses.

4. Apt for residential buildings

Fe 500 is believed to have higher yield strength. But when it comes to residential buildings, Fe 415 steel grade is a better option considering the fact that Fe 500 can be used only when the entire design has been fabricated according to the yield strength of the grade. Manual bending or hydraulic machine lifting can create problems for Fe 500 steel grade.

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